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The human body and mind, in normal individuals, are inseparable. From conception, through growth and development into maturity, environmental events, influences and circumstances plus all human anatomic, biochemical, and physiologic systems make each human being unique. When human systems do not function properly, regardless of etiology, a pathological condition or disease may occur. Correct evaluation and diagnosis of any abnormal conditions or disease must be made before effective preventive or interventional therapy begins.

"Therapeutics" is defined as treatment and care to combat disease or alleviate pain or injury. Its tools include drugs, surgery, radiation therapy, mechanical devices, diet, and psychiatry. Treatment may be active, to cure a disease (requiring no further treatment after recovery), treat it long-term, or heal a wound; symptomatic, to relieve symptoms until the immune system heals the body; supportive, to keep body functions going until the disease clears; or palliative, to minimize discomfort for patients with no chance of recovery. It almost always includes prevention, usually tertiary.. Therapeutic measures can be chosen, combined, and tailored based on accurate diagnosis to fit each patient. (Encyclopedia Britannica online)

The New Millennium has ushered in an exciting era of precise and powerul therapeutics to prevent, correct or mitigate pathological conditions or diseases. This website covers therapeutics for the more common disorders and diseases of Man most likely to be of interest or concern to primary care physicians and their patients.

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